Njugush with Celestine Ndunda aka Wakavinye and their baby boy

Njugush shares unexpected feelings of becoming a dad to Tugi

Lets’ be honest, the Kimani family (Njugush, Cele and Tugi) are just too cute.  Watching them on various social media pages just gives us family fever.

Today Njugush is celebrating their blessing, Tugi. A small boy who has brought so much joy in their household (and ours).

Taking to social media, the comedian said,

“These little humans come into your life and steal your heart ❤ ♥ . Sometimes we think God hasn’t loved us enough…but we miss the true blessings just right in front of our eyes.”

He then added he now knows what his mother felt when it comes to him and his brother Ngugi as her children.

“When I was a small child of God, mama Kim used to make chapati of coming and gûcome. We couldn’t wait till she is done. The smell of burning chapatis used to make you feel like beating shower voluntarily, giving yourself jobs at home me Kim and my bro @ngugi_ndegwa_lepoete. She could give us that one of starting cooking before oil melts in the cup of metal. It used to make us wait for the bigger meal. Mum would also share the hard chapatis with friends who we had been beating ball with. We were all of us happy waiting for the food of the evening. Be happy Today tomorrow we will eat the food of the evening.Oh wait just before the food of evening, we had to wipe pan. The last chapati was a highlight me and @ngugi_ndegwa_lepoete we made them badly shaped, overripe and hard as mûfara. Right now those chapatis tumezikosea heshima kabisaaaaa even you don’t go borrow pan of neighbour, how will they know how good you are at cooking shafashi also know as mînathû.”

Now if you read that caption slowly and keenly, one thing you can pick is that Njugush is yearning for Tugi to have a brother. Just like he had one to do all his mischief with.

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