Njugush and his wife Celestine alias Wakavinye

Njugush reveals why he thought his wife Celestine and Nyashinski were dating

Kenyan comedian cum content creator Njugush is having a field day as his wife Wakavinye cries over Nyashinki’s engagement to Zippy Bett.

For those who might know Wakavinye has always crushed on Nyashinski and is never shy to flaunt it to her hubby Njugush.

Meet Zippy the woman Nyashinski is set to wed, plus photos of their ruracio

Njugush posing with Celestine
Njugush posing with Celestine aka Wakavinye

In what now seems to be like fate fighting for Njugush, Nyashinky officiated his relationship to his Nandi bae crushing many hearts in the process.

Ridiculing his wife Njugush said,

‘Is it a fever you are picking? God knows how to play games.

I remember how you used to get weak every time his music played even though you have a husband and a son.’

Meet Zippy the woman Nyashinski is set to wed, plus photos of their ruracio

Like the good husband, he is Njugush went on to encourage Wakavinye assuring her she will overcome the heartbreak.

‘Don’t worry I was also in the same predicament Sarah Hassan was taken right under our nose.’

Avril too but you know what? We got over it. I do not even feel bad about it.’

Not one to be crushed, Wakavinye expressed her desire to have Nyashinski’s contacts to at least congratulate him.

To which Njushush responded.

‘I thought you and Nyashinky were in a relationshi[p how comes you do not have his number?’

We agree with Njugush Wakavinye itabidi azoee.

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