Njambi Koikai

I was a rogue teenager and had been expelled from several schools-Njambi Koikai narrates

Njambi Koikai is one woman I can say I admire greatly. One reason for that is that despite her many years of struggle with endometriosis her smile and hope have not dwindled.

This is my comeback year – Njambi Koikai says despite covid-19 pandemic

Her tough fight with the disease hasn’t made her a shrinking violet but a heroine for many women out there struggling with the same condition.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Her grit and tenacity in fighting the disease can also be attributed to one of the mentors she had early on in her school life. Writing in a recent message on her Instagram page, Njambi spoke about her late principal, the late Mrs. Meynink who would guide and mold her helping her deal with the identity crisis and conflict she was dealing with in her life.

Let me share this story, now that I’m older, wiser and more experienced in life.This was my high school and A-levels principal, the late Mrs. Meynink. We’d call her Meyno. I was a rogue teenager, a joker most times. Not sure of what I wanted to be and who I was. My realities and ideologies created so much conflict in trying to be someone I was not. I struggled with deep identity crisis. I came from the hood. My realities were different from my classmates. At the time, of joining this school, I’d already been expelled from a few previous high schools. 

Njambi Koikai throwback
Njambi Koikai with her high school principal

So every evening after class, Mrs. Meynink would call me for a meeting to evaluate my day and take me through my thought process. Over and above teaching Maths and Physics, she was also a counsellor. Half the time, I’d sit there hearing her British accent fly past me. Never putting any of her words into consideration but for some reason, I took her seriously. This was the only high school I never got an expulsion. 

At the time, she had been expelled from a few previous schools and was still trying to get to terms with the frequent fainting in school, as she didn’t know that she was suffering from endometriosis.

I was also very sick and didn’t know about Endometriosis. In many instances during school assembly, I would faint – some people would think I was pretending. O-level exams came and I failed at some subjects. Everyone else passed and left school. I was back in November for resits. I was alone. My mom and grandma always told me, ulizaliwa pekee yako na utasoma pekee yako, hii masomo hutusomei…Lol!.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Njambi also disclosed that the period was a tough one for her as she failed at her A-level exams and had to resit the papers. But thank God for Mrs. Meynink who never gave up on her and was there to guide her in changing her mindset and thinking as an adult would.

For the first time in my life, reality hit home. I was alone. A few times, Mrs. Meynink invited me to her place. She wanted me make up my mind and instigate my senses to realise that no matter where I came from, I could chart a different path for my life. After the exam resits, I aced them. I later joined AS-level and made the grades to campus. I did. –

God was truly with me. Mrs. Meynink passed away a few years back but I’m grateful for those years, her time, wisdom and concern for me. May she rest in eternal peace.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

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