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‘I had 8 teeth removed due to endometriosis’ Njambi Koikai narrates horrifying experience

Njambi Koikai will one day be remembered the way Wangari Maathai is today. Although that might sound like an exaggeration, I believe that the health issues she has had and her subsequent fight (including spreading the message of the deadly disease) are a testament to her moxie.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai

Many Kenyans who follow celebrity news have heard about Njambi and her struggle with endometriosis. The former The Trend presenter and reggae aficionado has been at the forefront spreading the message to many who might have never experienced the disease firsthand.

To say that disease has robbed Njambi would be a colossal understatement as her revelations about what she has lost she was diagnosed with the disease are heart-breaking.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai in hospital

The “EndoWarrior” as she calls herlself has lost jobs, lost boyfriends and money because of the cruel disease that makes one’s periods into a war.

Njambi added to that sad list recently after she shared a message on her Instagram page where she explained that she had having periods meant that she would lose a lot of blood for every attempt she made to brush her teeth after a meal.

I was a rogue teenager and had been expelled from several schools-Njambi Koikai narrates

This issue caused her to have to wear braces for a good 5 years. Only for the issue to haunt her once again while in the US and after consultation, it emerged that she had high levels of estrogen in her gums.

Njambi Koikai
Njambi Koikai with swollen gums

And the bad news didn’t stop there as she ended up with 8 cavities of which she sought to have filled by her dentists but with the current COVID-19 situation, Njambi´s appointments have become a toll order.

Her long post which is below was accompanied by an image that showed her swollen gums;

This pic was taken in 2018 during my treatment in the US.
Endometriosis is a full body disease and should be treated with a multi-disciplinary approach.
Ever since I started menstruating, I’ve had countless problems with my teeth and gums. My teeth and gums would bleed heavily everytime I brushed them during my period. In my teenage years, I had part of my gum cut out and 4 teeth removed. I later wore braces for 5 years. During my treatment in the US @centerforendocare, my teeth and gums were at it again.
I saw an orthodontist surgeon who told me I had very high levels of oestrogen in my gums. They removed 4 other teeth and cut my gum again. He also found out that the oestrogen was damaging my teeth. I have 8 cavities due to this. So in the coming weeks I will be going to visit my dentists to fill these cavities and other recommended procedures. (This Covid19 season is not the easiest though with appointments and all). I’m doing well, this is part of some medical procedures I’m undergoing through my recovery.

Look out for these signs and seek medical attention. Do not ignore. 

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