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Njaanuary: Maina Kageni FINALLY relates to brokeness like us


Anyone who knows Classics Maina Kageni knows he has deep pockets and the word Njaanuary is not in his dictionary.

However in a turn of events, njaanuary is not good to him.

Maina admitted that it’s a tough month for him, and co host Mwalimu was full of glee. Really? Maina is hurting like the rest of us?

During the Kasheshe segment on Thursday with Mwalimu Kingangi, Maina expressed frustration that the month is dragging and he can’t wait for February.


Mwalimu noted how fast January is moving ‘we are halfway through the month already’

To which Maina responded ‘really?’

Mwalimu added that ‘siku zinakimbia mbio mbio’ –  a Kenyan saying that days are flying/moving fast.

Maina is really feeling the effects of this super long month.

‘I’m feeling like it’s dragging along. or is it brokeness? he queried.

Guys if Maina is broke, what about the rest of us? Won’t we say we are in the pits of poverty?

Aii I’m feeling like imenivurutaaa said Maina.

It’s possible he spent way too much over the festive season, and forgot to budget for January?

‘Aki by the way maybe nilijibamba sana, maybe 

Dear Classic 105 fam, what are some of the things you are doing to survive Njaanuary? One of the things we were told is that the December Salary was meant for this tough month, but many of us don’t pay attention and it’s parte after parte.

Share your tips and help others out.

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