Njaanuary For Who? See How Sexy TV Personality Lola Hannigan Is Living The Life

When she is not going out with her yummy looking mom, Lola Hannigan is either on TV or vacationing. Yep, that’s how cool she is.

As some of us are busy worrying what January has in store for us, Lola is still on vacation mode, flying private. If you know what I mean, she can afford the comfort of a private plane.

Money is not a problem.

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Lola is an entrepreneur, who has a sexy lingerie line to her name. She is also big on being a hard worker. Here’s the flying private moment I am talking about:

People Catching Feelings, I’m just tryna catch Jets yo! 🛩🛩🛩 Happy New Year 😊🙏❤️

lola h

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