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Popular “Nitakufinya” man tells Jalang’o he has 9 kids!

Last week, a new meme captured the collective Kenyan consciousness. One that would be repeated over and over. The word was, Nitakufinya, a Kiswahili word that is an implied threat of violence from the person issuing it to his/her audience.

And it all came about after a K24 video interview that went viral. It is below;

After the popularity of the video and the phrase, many Kenyans have been wondering who the two men were? Wonder no more, the indefatigable Jalang’o was able to get an interview with the two where they met to squash their on-air beef.

The Nitakufinya guy’s official names are Aaron Matendechere while the man he threatened is called Musyoka. Aaron is married to two wives and is originally from Kakamega county but lives in Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum.

Speaking during the interview, Matendechere said: “Niko na bibi wawili na watoto watisa. Bibi wa kwanza ndio huyu nimekuja naye (I have two wives and nine children. My first wife is here with me today).”

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He said that he runs a barbershop while his wife runs a salon in Mukuru slums while Musyoka said he is yet to marry but planning to do so soon.

In a past interview with Ebru TV, Musyoka had stated that he never closes his home cause he had nothing of worth. “I have nothing in the house that someone can steal from me. Will you steal my jerrican, cup or clothes.”

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