Amber Ray with Jamal

I used to sell matumbo and became a millionaire at 26! Newly-married Amber Ray narrates

If there is one lady who seems to keep on falling upwards in terms of relationships, it must be Amber Ray. The woman has the luck of the Gods when it comes to moving from one relationship to another.

Amber was married to tycoon Zaheer Jhanda as a second wife before things fell apart so much so that Amber said she was done with Islam, the religion that Zaheer practiced.

But Amber is indefatigable and seems to be able to pluck wealthy men from her seemingly inexhaustible orchard of WEALTHY men as her recent marriage to Jamal shows.

But while many might see the glamourous side of her life what they don’t know is that she has also had to hustle and struggle.

Ungekuwa tu na akili kubwa kama izo… Amber Ray body-shamed for having big behind

In a recent Q and A on her social media, Amber claimed that she became a millionaire at 26 and got her first car at 29. And even though she’s that rich, Amber says she doesn’t mind being a 2nd wife to Jamal.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

She also claimed that she used to sell cereals and ‘matumbo’ when she was younger. She was also a waitress and head of customer care. The mother of one also disputed claims that her hubby Jamal had made her rich, saying that she was self-made, advising women not to depend on men for money.

”Nimeuza matumbo, cereals. Nimeuza maziwa, nimekua waitress and my last job nilikua head of customer care e-citizen… It’s just that we don’t look like what we have been through… we work hard behind the curtains . There’s no easy way to success, ata kupata pesa poa from a man you must have your own money kwanza… you can’t let people feed you all the time coz they are humans and humans get tired without a notice…”

Amber Ray screenshot
Amber Ray screenshot

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