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Nikujipanga! Women tell how they ran away from notorious husbands

A conversation on Classic 105 arising from a question by Mwalimu Kingangi to women about how they secretly ran away from marital homes revealed alot.

Mwalimu wanted to know how women are able to pull off packing their bags and household items, and take off without a trace.

“How do you disappear in Nairobi? Where do you go? How do you manage to cover your tracks mpaka hujulikani kabisa? And it’s not that you have left Nairobi, you are here just that hauonekani! It’s a talent only Kenyan women have. You know men watapatikana, go to their workpoplace or just give them one or two weeks you will find them. How do you move mpaka curtain mtu haoni, how do you plan, do you know kuhama Nairobi ni ngumu sana, how do you plan so meticulously, and your friends cant tell me where you are, and I never see you? Mwalimu askedcouple annoyed
Guys have you ever looked for a lady but cant find her, yet you know she is in Nairobi? Maina also asked women to tell

“They leave ki snipper, hata watchman hajui, how do you do it? Mwalimu askd yet again.

Several women narrated their experiences which shed light on their sneaky ways. Dear men, chunga.

The first woman told that ” I was married and he used to torture me, and I would tell him that one day one time utanikosa, but he didn’t listen, you know I got married immediately after form four. I got a child and I was so small, he tesad me then I torokad with my child when he was in class five. I left silently, packed my bags and no one asked me where I was going. I educated my son and he is now in  form four, I even took him ot the ceremony for male right of passage. I built a house on my own,. The funny thing is my husband keeps askign me where I am he comes for me, but I never tell him, we even meet on the streets but I won’t tell him where I live, we talk alot on the phone, but I won’t let him see our son. he has never seen his son who is 18 now, hajawahi muona. Let em tell you Maina, I remember I used to tell him to stop torturing me and that I will leave him, but he ignored me, nilingangana na mtoto saa hii ako form four, so let me tell you maina”woman kicked out for overstaying

A second women told that

“You want to tell me that a person who can leave their persosn house, can’t leave her husband also? How do you wonder how they can leave you? Mungu amenilea ndio nikafika maturity you think I can’t leave you, alafu when you didn’t want me now you want to know where I am going, what for? why do you want to know? surely Maina some questions don’t even make sense. the question is why are you looking for me yet when I was there you didn’t want me? even watchies know where we go, they just don’t tell you, who do you think opens the gate for me? ehh why are you looking for us and it’s so easy for a woman to start again, very easy”

I mean even our own Tanasha Donna packed and left when Diamond was away in the USA for a concert. She returned to Kenya and revealed her reasons in an interview with a local magazine.

Dear Classic 105 fam, does it now make sense that a wife can be planning to leave you all along and you will never have a clue?

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