‘Niko Na Dela Kwa Hizi Mashida,’ Whispers Timmy Tdat About His Relationship With The Diva

“We’ll be okay, We will be alright!” Della sings in her new single release. “You don’t have to kill, you don’t have to steal, you don’t have to murder them, nah!” she adds in a love song that features rapper Timmy Tdat.

The song has been released months after the rumoured relationship between the the stars had cooled off.

Now pundits don’t know how to make of their relationship, given deep emotional vibe one gets when they listen to the song titled, “We’ll Be Okay”.

The song charts the story of two love birds who try to reassure each other that they are enough, and are content with what each person brings to the table despite the pressures of the outside world.

This is the first time Dela and Timmy Tdat are working together.

“I’ve been a fan of Timmy since “Wele Wele”. Always wanted to work on a project with him. Bumped it to him at Pacho studio and it was clear that he wanted to work with me too. We vibed to a few tracks, and we got to talking about relationships and society’s expectations. and i guess, we kinda just went from there. We wanted to show that people from different backgrounds can be compatible and that love conquers all- money problems or otherwise,” says Dela.

Dela added, “I had a great time working on this with Timmy and Teddy B. There’s never a dull moment with these two.”

Timmy Tdat said, ”It was a pleasure to work with Dela. She is talented and knows what she wants,ambitious,industrious and full of passion for her music. I wouldn’t mind working with her again,” adding, “Teddy B is also one talented producer,he helped us achieve our vision,”

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