Ruth Matete and her husband John

Very insensitive! Some Nigerians mock Ruth Matete after husband’s death

Ruth Matete has experienced terrible experiences in her life but none much worse than the untimely death of her husband Beloved John who passed away this past Sunday.

John died after receiving 40% burns that he suffered when a gas canister that he was changing at his home exploded. You would think that at this type of time that everyone who knew him and Ruth would be commiserating with her?

Ruth Matete's ex-husband
Ruth Matete’s ex-husband

But there are some who took his death as an opportunity to dig up some old wounds. For those who aren’t aware, Pastor Beloved John was of Nigerian descent and had a  previous relationship in Nigeria that produced 2 kids.

Ruth and her late hubby, Pastor Beloved John tied the knot in November 2019, in a ceremony criticized by many, who branded her a ‘husband-snatcher’.

Ruth Matete with her man
Ruth Matete with her late husband

However, when he was still alive the Nigerian pastor still thanked all his haters, affirming that he and his wife – Ruth Matete – were doing good.

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It seems that some people will not let Ruth mourn in peace and have used the opportunity to attack the singer who was carrying John’s unborn baby.

The singer with her late husband
Ruth Matete with her late husband

An online user lashed:

Ruth, you refused to tell John the truth. John was married here in Nigeria, blessed with two lovely kids. He abandoned his family in Nigeria and pitch a tenth with you.for you not have tell him the TRuth…God will surely asked you someday. Even after we his family members called you, send you messages on Facebook to desist from this act, you still hold on to another’s woman’s husband.

The message attacking Ruth Matete Another message attacking Ruth Matete

The messages finished off by adding that Ruth should ask for forgiveness from John’s first wife and cautioning her that a man’s unjust ways lead to destruction.

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