Nigerian-born Taofeek Abijako becomes the youngest designer to ever showcase at Men’s New York Fashion Week (Photos)

19-year-old Nigerian-born designer Taofeek Abijako, is the youngest ever to premiere at the mens New York Fashion Week.


The collection, titled Genesis, paid homage to ’70s Afro-Futurism styles and West-African youth culture.

Abijako premiered his collection from his line Head of the State+.



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Abijako shared:

“Genesis is the translation of Afro-futurism portrayed by the likes of Parliament-Funkadelic and Sun Ra through the lens of West African youth – while at the same time celebrating the vibrancy of West African youth culture in the ‘70s and drawing parallels to modern time.”

He continued:

“The continuous homage to Fela Kuti is also portrayed.”






Taofeek is making a case for youth culture.

He is showing other young designers that they can bypass the fashion industry’s hierarchy and even establish a solid brand with minimal financial backing or formal training.

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