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Should Kenyan women get alimony like Dr. Dre’s wife is asking for? Maina Kageni asks

Maina Kageni recently spoke about the contentious divorce case between rap mogul Dr. Dre and his wife, Nicole Young. The couple is splitting up after 24 years of marriage.

The case is in the public spotlight considering that Nicole is asking the producer for 2 million dollars in monthly spousal support despite the fact that the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement.

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22nd Anniversary! Headed to see Hamilton.

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Maina was more interested in the local application of the case and what Kenyan men and women thought about the story.

He summarised some of the things Nicole was asking for as a justification for the $2 million (200 million shillings) monthly support. Some of those expenses are below;

Sh. 6 million for tuition and living expansion.
Sh. 12.5 m for charitable contributions.
Sh. 2 m for cellphone and wifi.

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Married 21 years!!! The Defiant Ones!!!

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He then asked whether Kenyan women should be paid be paid alimony saying that in America, they normally get half of a man’s assets?

The comments rolled in with the discussion being heavily dominated by men with the unanimous stance among them being that wives didn’t deserve anything after they left a marriage.

Some of those comments are below:

Why should I pay her for staying with another man. Alimony is for another man?-A man said.

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My brother was to give out 3 quarter of his salary f0r a woman who went to another man. He then quit his job and went to do farming.-A man told Maina.

Kwani hiyo pesa ni ya uzima?-A man asked Maina.

There is no way, that we will leave each other and then I give her money. The economy is tough. I can’t even give her a shilling.-A man complained.

That is a lot of money for one woman. If we split up we divide our properties. There is no money in Kenya. She should leave when she has planned herself.-A man said.

I should just kill myself if I have to do everything and then all my salary goes to a woman.-A man said.

When we paid dowry, that sorted it out. To be honest, marriage in America is a business.-A man opined.

How can I pay for her while she is with another man? A man said.

The money is mine. She can get her own.-A man added.

Why should I pay her? If she can’t raise the kids, I will do it myself. Why should I give her a single coin?- A man stated to Maina.

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How are you doing today? #GoodTimesAndGreatHits

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The moment she decides to leave it means that she found a better camp than yours. – A man said.

Why should we share the wealth? These women look at marriage like a cash cow? She should go back home to her father for dowry-Captain Kale.


The only thing Kenyan men give Kenyan women is a pregnancy, a broken heart and broke financially. This is the reason why Kenyan women leave when their men are in the office. A woman told Maina.

When you go to a restaurant you are accustomed to good food. When she has eaten and goes, I don’t owe her anything. Me being a Luyha, she will not go with my kids. Our system is patrilineal.A proud man told Mr. Kageni.

My husband pays me a monthly salary for being a stay at home mother to his son, even though we have a maid and he pays all the bills. I don’t think he would have an issue with paying if we split up.- A woman told Maina.

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