Nick Mutuma speaking to Massawe Jappani

Nick Mutuma praises lover Bridget Shighadi as he speaks about their future wedding

Nick Mutuma is arguably the best-known actor of his generation in Kenya. The man has an impressive repertoire of roles with his most memorable role being Shuga where he starred alongside Lupita Nyong’o.

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Despite his success in the film industry, Nick has been able to reveal little about his personal life. The only thing we knew before his recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani was that he and his lover Bridget Shighadi had a daughter named Dua together.

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But now we know a lot more. Nick told Massawe that he met Bridget 10 years ago through a mutual friend who had since died. He described the ‘Maria’ actress and mother of their daughter as a phenomenal woman.

“She is a very beautiful woman but pia anakua very grounded. I think as a man, you need somebody who can build with you, who can put that first foundation,” he said.

Bridget Shighadi’s loud silence over Nick Mutuma’s abuse allegations is troubling

And when would the two be having their wedding? “Let’s see. God willing, what his plans are. I believe it is something I want to do. Something I’m working towards.”

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The man also touched on his career passion advising aspiring filmmakers to take advantage of the technology boom.

“If anyone wants to get into the business of filmmaking, the only person who is restricting them is they themselves. I feel like with the technology that we have, you can take your phone and shoot a movie with it. All this viral content by Eric Omondi and Njugush is all about creativity. It is not about who you know or who is creating which opportunity,” he said.

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