Nicah The Queen jokes about unexpected photo with ex-Dr Ofweneke

Do you sometimes wonder ‘How do I turn notifications for Memories on or off?’

Well today, Nicah The Queen received one of those ‘We think you’d love to share a memory of you from 4yrs ago’.

To top it off, it was a memory of during the time when she and her ex, Kenyan comedian Dr Ofweneke were still an item.

Nicah The Queen, gospel singer, took to her Instagram account and posted her thoughts on all this.

Check this out:


The post was captioned:

‘Sijui nini husumbua Facebook na hizi memories zao. Just on my FB and they pop like “We think you’d love to share a memory of you from 4yrs ago.”‘

‘Wacha sasa niwashow watu wangu.Hapa mapenzi ilikuwa imeshika kushika!Tukidanganyana hatuwezi ishi bila mwingine’

She continued:

‘Ama ata kulala saa hii kila mtu analala na kumwaga mate kwa pillow hakuna mwenye anatambua mwingine.Salamu tumebaki nazo ni zile za NIAJE BRATHE???Lakini Bora Uhai.’

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