Ni uchungu! Bahati shuts down EMB records, terminates contracts with artistes

Gospel singer Bahati has called out Kenyan gospel musicians for living a fake life.

He said this while announcing that he had come to a point where he had decided to shut down his record label EMB.

He says that most of the artistes whom he took in, were broke before but now they are the ones trying to bring him down for the last three years.

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“I have recordings of them being told to say bad things about me. I was capable of suing the artiste but am a Christian, I did not do that because it is not every fight that is worth fighting and fathers don’t fight sons,” he said on his YouTube chanel.

Bahati says his main purpose of opening the label was to support artistes and that EMB has never been a business, but wanted to help someone to be successful and maybe someday, support themselves.

“Now it has turned out that people hate me because I am helping someone else. I know it is a tough decision but I have told God I want to shut it down and start something else as Bahati,” he added.

Bahati wearing shades
Bahati wearing shades

That was part of his ministry but he has realised that the gospel artistes are using it to have a bad name.

“I want fans to understand that although I have undergone a big loss, first this was a ministry but what is the point of doing ministry when the same ministry is translated the wrong way always leaving you with a bad name,” he said.

Bahati posing in shades
Bahati posing in shades

Eastland’s Most Beloved (EMB) Records has been at the centre of drama for the past several months.

Almost all artistes who have been signed under the label, as well as employees, have left the label at some point, in what ends up being a messy affair with back-and-forth accusations in the media.

He has also been in the past accused of mistreating artistes and even orchestrating their arrest once they fall out and upcoming singer Peter Blessing is a great example.

Closing down the record label means that he will have to terminate all the contracts with the artistes he has signed.

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