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Ni Samantha? Boyfriend caught cheating and insists his lover is a doll

A man caught cheating on his girlfriend apparently went to extreme lengths to get away with it – by repeatedly insisting his lover was a s3x doll.

A video, filmed by a woman in the United States, starts after she spots a scantily-clad woman seductively dancing with her boyfriend through his window.

When she storms in, the woman has suddenly frozen on the stairs – and her boyfriend repeatedly shouts that she’s a s3x doll, even brandishing a receipt in a bid to convince her.

‘What the f*** is going on here? Who the f*** is this?’ the girlfriend demands.

‘It’s a f***ing s3x doll! I got the f***ing receipt right here!’ he replies during an expletive-laden exchange.

His girlfriend remains unconvinced and repeatedly pushes the other woman.

She continues to stay still and at one point says in a robotic voice: ‘Please don’t hurt me.’

When the other woman switches poses, the boyfriend doubles down on his defence by saying: ‘It comes with reflexes.’

But it’s not long before the woman breaks character and begins to gather her belongings to make a hasty exit.

Even so, the cheating boyfriend continues to insist she’s a s3x doll.

‘It’s dysfunctional. There’s something wrong with it. I’ve got the receipt, I don’t know why the f*** she’s walking by herself.’

It’s not known where in the United States the clip was filmed, but after going viral on social media, many commenters suggested it was a hoax.


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