New Survey Reveals That 11 Governors, 13 Senators, 97 MPs Are Abused By Wives And Mistresses In Kenya

According to a new survey, about 11 governors, 13 senators, 97 MPs and 346 MCAs in Kenya are abused physically, emotionally and economically by their wives and mistresses on a daily basis.

The report by Maendeleo Ya Wanaume revealed that most male politicians are traumatized and spend most of their time in bars and other social centers to avoid confrontation and frustration.

MAWE chairman Nderitu Njoka noted the “shocking revelation” that 95 per cent of the public officials salaries’ are deducted and sent to divorced wives and mistresses for child upkeep.

The survey also stated that exorbitant child maintenance fees leaves two senators, four governors, 15 MPs and 39 MCAs with almost no money at the end of the month. Njoka released the report in Nyeri town and also revealed that 75 per cent of male political leaders abuse alcohol while 10 per cent abuse drugs.

“The research further revealed that 60 per cent of the wives of male politicians have two or three extra-marital relationships,” the report said.

The research stated that women are the major cause of the rise in drug, alcohol and substance abuse amongst men. Apparently, many male politicians said they were hooked to the habits because of frustrations, physical and emotional abuse from their wives and mistresses.

Njoka said physical abuse includes battering and inflicting bodily harm. The other types of abuse the violation of the male genders’ property rights and faking child upkeep expenses and redress.

The research was carried out in January in all 47 counties. It involved a random sample of 700 people from each county, including 60 per cent political leaders. Among those interviewed were victims and the leaders’ relatives.


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