New Jacque Maribe! TV star resurfaces after long online hiatus

Jacque Maribe is back. This time she is looking peng.

It has been a pretty minute since we spotted her out and about.

The last time we heard about any of her future plans when was when her pal, Dennis Itumbi penned a poem for her.

It read, in part:

“Here my hand,

Use it as your extra strength,

Use it to write your new chapter,

Use it to bounce back,

Here my hand,

Have enough of it for support and strength,

Then let it go,

There is a reason storms are named after women,

You are a storm, yes you are.”

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And, indeed she is back, stronger than ever.

In a recent photo Jacque is photographed looking all kinds of luscious.

Her workmate at  Citizen TV, Hassan Mugambi captioned it:

“Do not finish when you are tired, finish when you are done. @kadzoh_gungah @jacquemaribe @dan_lijodi @hakeem_the_fit join the Family @fitfamke.”

Jacque Maribe
Hassan Mugambi, Jacque Maribe and
Kadzoh Gungah

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Here are some reactions to the photo.

Anne Mawathe: Nkt mkoooo? Is there food?

dan_lijodi: Good things come to those who sweat

lisperkemunto: Say hey to @jacquemaribe

sheshimu: Body goals👌..

almohammeddawoud: Jacque…..still proud of you gal.PERIOD

wilkistanyabwa: Add me to the WhatsApp group

kevo_kishasha: @hassanmugambi ile bare uliwapa wadhii dusit siezisahau😂😂😂anyway awesome guys

shixkapienga: I’m also joining😁😁

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