New Gadget Set To Play Music Inside The Vagina Of Pregnant Women

Women are often encouraged to play music to their unborn children, as it has been shown to calm them down. However many just place the headsets on their tummy and play the music.
That’s about to change as a new device called Babypod will allow the unborn child to listen to music clearly through the mother’s vagina.
The device designed by the Institut Marquez, a leading international centre in gynaecology, obstetrics and assisted Reproduction in Barcelona, is made to fit inside the vagina where it will fill your womb with the music of your choice.

Tests were done in 2014 on hundreds of pregnant women, comparing unborn babies listening to music in the womb both abdominally (played into the belly from the outside) and internally, through the vagina.
The tests showed that babies who had music played from outside of the womb didn’t generate a response to the music played.

Those who listened to the music after it had been played through the vagina were said to have opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues. This response continued to increase as the pregnancies progressed.
The study also showed that babies were participating in more movement when the music started, only stopping when the music itself has stopped.

This suggests their reaction was in direct response to the music being played internally. The device works with the mothers smart phone, Simply connect The Babypod to your smartphone and insert it (pod) into your vagina.

To clean the device, you just wash it with mild soap and water after each use.

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