‘New beginnings and new levels,’ Size 8 to celebrate eight years in salvation

Gospel singer Size 8 is celebrating eight years since she quit the secular world.

Sharing a throwback photo, the mother of two said she hoping to mark new beginnings and new levels in life.

Check out her post;

‘Jesus Christ saved me 8 years ago!! What a mighty God we serve!!! This picture was 7 years ago I had visited KCA university here is the dean of students then.
This April is about to celebrate 8 years in my journey of doing Gods work thru Jesus Christ HALLELUJAH!! 8 the number of new BEGINNINGS!!! New Beginning, New LEVELS, New dimensions!
I cant wait to see what the Lord has in store for me the journey has been amazing but also full of lessons to learn and mountains to conquer a period of intense preparation, intense pruning and now excitement all over me!!’

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Size 8
Size 8

She added;
‘In your journey of salvation remember this there are times and seasons for everything so be patient don’t be in a rush to gain anything and always endure all things as Christ our saviour endured even unto death!!!
In humility of heart serve God don’t be under pressure coz of the hype of life And in due time God himself shall lift you and even the mosquito will know you are favoured of the Lord!!’

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