New battery set to charge in One minute

Scientists have created a new battery capable of fully charging in just ONE MINUTE.

The new aluminium battery, created by scientists at Stanford University, is cheaper to produce than the lithium batteries currently found in mobile phones and laptops, and offers ‘unprecedented charging times’.

Explaining the development in scientific journal Nature, the scientists also said that the new battery is less prone to catching fire than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Professor Honjie Dai, who helped develop the battery, said the rechargeable aluminium battery does not catch fire even if you drill through it.

He added on to say that it may replace existing storage devices, such as alkaline batteries, which are bad for the environment and lithium-ion batteries, which occasionally burst into flames.

The new prototype reportedly lasts 7,500 charges before its performance is impaired while lithium batteries are known for withstanding 1,000 charges before they lose their capacity.



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