New App Said To Heal “Broken Hearts” In 30 Days

If you thought getting over a breakup would not get easy, then you are wrong. Technology has come to rescue the many who are trapped in “heart breaks”.

The app is providing a 30-day guide to getting through any breakup, complete with daily tasks and life lessons.

Rx Breakup is an app created by Jeanine Lobell, a makeup artist and the creator of Stila cosmetics, and qualified relationship therapist Jane Reardon.

They decided to make it after seeing loads of people coming to see Jane after breakups, feeling obsessive and like they couldn’t let go.

The app called Rx Breakup, provides you with a new task each day designed to help you work through your emotions, resist the temptation to get in contact with your ex, and recognise your destructive behaviours so you don’t repeat them in your next dating adventure.

Each day, you open the app, and it tells you what’s happening in your mind right now, psychology-wise – day 1 explains that you’re in ‘withdrawal’, for example. It also gives you a writing exercise for that day and a provides a new technique to help you through the turmoil.

The tone is designed to be like your most understanding, supportive best friend, but with psychological expertise to back it all up.

Its creators are also planning to launch an accompanying social network, which will allow you to chat with other users who are going through a breakup, as well as share inspirational quotes and post photos.


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