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‘I never want to have kids of my own,’ Sean Andrew Kibaki tells it all

Sean Andrew, the grandson to former Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki has said he NEVER want to have kids adding that it is a personal decision.

The social media influencer studied psychology and international relations at USIU.

Speaking about why he never wants to have kids Sean said that kids have never been a priority for him.

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Sean andrew- Classic 105

A fan asked Sean Andrew when he would be getting married

‘Are you planning to settle down one day when you are like 30.Maybe have  a wife you know a ka family?’

To which Sean responded.

‘At the moment I do not see myself having any kids at any point in my life.’

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Another fan asked?

‘Why don’t you want to have kids?’

Sean responded.

‘I just haven’t had the interest , I have been told to never say never but having kids is not in my program.’

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The eye candy model is a first-born in a family of four.

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Sean Andrew has in the past opened up on his journey with depression something that left him suicidal.

“When I lost my maternal grandfather when I was 13 years old, I went through depression and it got so bad that I wanted to take my life at some point.

My grandfather was my rock. He was my everything and my best friend. He was the only person I felt safe with.”

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew

Sean added,

”After his death, so many people started taking advantage of me and I became so paranoid over a lot of things.

This was the first time I was alone and it was hard.

Being in that place where I had a lot of things bottled up in me and given the fact that I was almost kidnapped when I was a kid.

Being bullied and now I had lost the only person I was close to, it sent me to a dark place.”

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