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‘Never Stop Loving Even After You’ve Been Heartbroken,’ Former Citizen Tv’s Anchor Kirigo Ngarua Advises Kenyan Women

It’s always a wish for every woman to get married and have a smooth relationship with their partners but in most cases, this doesn’t happen. Many women end up in abusive relationships and we have seen some divorce their husbands citing infidelity and others even battered.

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Many are heartbroken by their partners who promise to take care of them (during the exchange of vows at their weddings incase they are married legally) and end up committing suicide or doing something bad and former Citizen TV’s anchor Kirigo Ngarua has a message for such women who have been heartbroken.


“I opened up to him because I thought he was different from the rest. I shared my personal stories and secrets with him. He knew what my ex put me through and promised to never do the same. I told him how frightened I was to let someone new in, fear of getting my heart broken again, but he assured me he would protect my heart at all cost. I just couldn’t go through another heartbreak, knowing how long it took me to pick myself back up the last time. Eventually, he changed and ended up doing the exact same thing my ex did. Tore my heart out and stepped all over it like it was nothing. I just couldn’t understand how someone that claimed to love me could be so cruel and heartless… and now I’m stuck asking myself why, Kirigo shared this post on her social media accounts hoping that it would help heartbroken women and captioned;

“I came across this yesterday and felt the need to share it.Most ladies if not all of us have gone thru something like this. The lesson I learnt..never stop may have been broken before..but don’t stop ladies..what have you learned from such an experience??”

Woman lying on the ground with laptop on large broken heart, abandoned laptop behind her
Woman lying on the ground with laptop on large broken heart, abandoned laptop behind her

Kirigo Ngarua has been sharing messages about relationships of late and who knows? Maybe she is in love.


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