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“I have never slept with anyone in the industry” Zuchu clarifies

Wasafi’s Zuchu has denied ever sleeping with anyone in exchange for favours in the music industry.

Speaking to Wasafi media, Zuchu, the daughter of legendary Taarab singer Khadija Kopa said she has never slept with anyone in the music industry or even hold hands with someone in exchange for favours.

“To where I am now, I have never slept with anyone in the music industry. Never, not a producer, not a promoter, a DJ… Never! I have never held hands without my consent,” she said.

Asked whether her boyfriend was a tough man, she denied being in a relationship and went on to advice upcoming female artistes saying;

“It is possible, let them not fear. Especially the ladies, it can happen without anything being done to you.”

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Diamond and Zuchu together
Diamond and Zuchu together

In a past interview, the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker  was accused of being the reason Diamond and Tanasha broke up.

She said the only relationship between her and Diamond is that of a boss and his employee.

Zuchu said Diamond has always been respectful to her and that she sees him more like an elder brother than what people are insinuating.

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