‘I never blocked Tanasha,’ says Mbosso

Tanzanian singer Mbosso has rubbished claims that he blocked Tanasha. Unlike rumours, the ‘Hodari’ hitmaker told Classic105.com in an exclusive interview that he never did.

Tanasha was said to have blocked Diamond Platnumz and his crew including Mbosso.

Mbosso says he didn’t follow up to know whether he was blocked by her on social media or she just unfollowed

‘I have never blocked Tanasha. I never understood whether she blocked me or unfollowed me. I have never understood why. I didn’t really follow on to know what the situation was. I have never been in an argument with her. I also don’t know her issues with the father of her kids. I only did a song with her and I thank God that the project went well’

‘I could not sleep…’, WCB’s Mbosso narrates how he cried after fans insulted him

Mbosso and Tanasha hadworked on a project dubbed  ‘La Vie’ which has over nine million followers

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