Never before seen photos of Isaac Mwaura’s wife looking like a SNACK

Mukami Mwaura is setting the trend in the fashion industry.

The mother of three has what many of us only dream of, a supportive husband, a beautiful baby and a banging body to seal the box.

Mukami lost two of her babies after delivering triplets after they developed complications. She spoke about it saying

“At 28weeks pregnant the last thing I expected was to deliver my babies, so when I got strange cramp pains at around 9pm on Wednesday 18th January,  labour was the last thing on my mind.

I called my doctor who told me to head to the labour ward ,this was not strange as I had been admitted to the labour ward several times before in the course of the pregnancy .

So once we got to the labour ward they started giving me meds to hold or reverse the labour. By 3am that night .

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

I was in full blown labour, at around 7am the doctor checked in and said we would be going into the delivery room for an emergency CS.

The theatre was fully booked but they managed to get space; actually a friend of mine who later lost her baby in the delivery room allowed me to go in before her.

My husband Isaac Mwaura and I were happily expecting Triplets due in April 2017 , on 19th January 2017 at 10.10am , 10.11am and 10.12am we delivered our 3 beautiful babies ; 2 boys and one gal . 11 weeks later we left the hospital with one baby boy and a hospital bill of Ksh11.2m.”

That aside we are celebrating her evolved sense of fashion and here are photos to prove that she is a goddess.

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