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Photos Of Gospel Star Solomon Mkubwa And His Beautiful Family

Solomon Mkubwa is a Congolese gospel musician who is based in Kenya. He is also a born again evangelist at Maximum Miracle Centre in Nairobi’s Umoja.

He has managed to keep his private life secret.

Though he is from Congo he has won the hearts of East Africans with his big hits like ‘Mfalme wa Amani’ and ‘Mungu Mwenye Nguvu’.

His music has been played in Kenya and even around the globe and has won himself several awards and this has create a good profile for him.

He come from a musician and a strong Christian family background. His father was a reknown singer.

Solomon is also a pastor and was ordained at the Maximum Miracle Centre in Kenya. He preaches about hope to the poor as he was bewitched by his stepmother when he was 12years old and this led to him having to amputate his hand.

Although he is in different social media, he has never posted any picture of his family which he has at last done.

The photo of his wife and two children went viral when he first posted them on his Instagram page.

In the recent photos, the family seems to be enjoying themselves somewhere but Solomon did not reveal where that was. Vacation perhaps?

In a recent interview  Solomon said, “I was born in Congo 35 years ago, but came to Kenya in 2005 to try my hand in music. Since then, Kenya has been my second home. I love Kenya so much, I don’t like when foreigners speak badly about her. I am where I am because of God, and the fact that Kenyans welcomed me to their country.”

Check out photos of Solomon and his beautiful family.

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