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Some Kenyans suspect Size 8 might be expecting baby number 3 (video)

Size 8 might have had the most difficult year in her marriage to Dj Mo in 2020 but that didn’t stop the singer from pushing through and forgiving her cheating husband.

Not only that but the “Mateke” singer has also been hard at work in her career showing that the cheating scandal would be just a blip in the road for her.

The mother of two recently previewed her new song “Vice Versa” and while many congratulated her for showing her grit and strength to come back with the song, some others saw other “things”.

While premiering her song, Size 8 jumped and danced around as she sang loudly but what some fans noted was that her tummy was bulging.

As the enthusiastic musician continued to entertain her followers, a few individuals stared at her belly size and movements with some concluding that she was probably pregnant again.

Some of the speculative comments are below;

….Congratulations on your 3rd born. Ndio nimeona ball! I watched you on Citizen TV though

….Nimimi tw naona mimba ama tuko wengi

While some Kenyans might suspect she might be having a bun in the oven, the singer herself signaled late last year during the period that the cheating scandal emerged, that she didn’t want to get a 3rd child.

In one episode of their YouTube show, Dj Mo had just finished apologizing to his wife for all the shame that he had caused her. According to Mo, he wanted to spend his life with the mother of his children forever. “I love you so much. I want to be with you forever. You crash my heart. I am very sorry about how I talked to you…Hurt you. All I want you to know is I love you,” he said.

But he didn’t finish there, the gospel DJ asked his wife if she would want to have another kid but she was quick to say shut him down. “No. Let us stay together but other children no. Do not try giving me another child,” responded Size 8. Responding to his wife, the father of two said he wanted two more but she was not ready to hear any of that.

So could she have changed her mind in such a short time and decided to get another kid?

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