Netflix Tv show Squid Game takes the internet by storm


Tv game show Squid Game is all the rage right now.

The nine-episode Netflix original series is South Korean, but a dubbed version in English, as well as English subtitles, are also available.

Critics say the series is said to be well on the way to doing better than Bridgerton as Netflix’s original series of all time.

In the first episode of the South Korean series, a mysterious man gives business cards containing an eight-digit number to contestants interested in participating in the survival game.

A secret group identifies 456 people in South Korea who are in debt or in dire need of money. The group then sends those people mysterious invitations to join the “Squid Game.”

The chosen ones are from all walks of life—some rich, some poor. Some of them are deathly ill, some are in danger of losing their family’s home, while main character Seong Gi-hun is attempting to gain custody of his daughter before she leaves for the United States.

The participants are drugged and taken to a secret location to compete against each other in challenges that are based on popular childhood games.

Things take a dark turn when they learn that the consequence for losing any of the games is death or “elimination,” as they call it.

The winning prize is valued at 100,000,000 Korean won for each participant and 45.6 billion Korean won in total.

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