Nelly rewards women a thousand bob for lost bag with sh30million

The internet is hilariously claiming that singer Nelly rewarded a woman a thousand bob after she found his lost bag with 30 million.

Nelly responded, denying he lost a bag after he was called mean.

Nelly was alleged to have lost the money at a bowlign alley where a kind woman found it.

The woman in question is shown on camera, while a man is heard saying, “We’re up here at the bowling alley. We found Nelly’s bag. It had $300,000 in it.”

Nelly said it never happened. “I didn’t lose s—,” he said, stating that he had no clue about bag the woman was referencing. “Idk what bag or who’s [sic] bag they talkin about but it dam show [sic] wasn’t mine,” the musician added.

His net worth is 40 million. Ppl have to start weighing their morals. Is the money for a group of children that just lost their parents? No. The money is for a millionaire? Yes. Keep the money then bc he surely ain’t missing it.

That was a slap in the face cause wtf ima do with $100 during a panoramic???

But the $100 reward is accurate? OMG. That’s horrible.

bless her heart I can’t


How you get 100?? Lol

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