Do natural birth over CS – Uasin Gishu Governor Mandago

Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago has urged women to deliver naturally.

The Governor questioned why most women opt for Caesarean-section as opposed to normal delivery.

Speaking in Eldoret when he disbursed cheques to ECDE schools, the govenour said women should not think of beauty at the expense of their health.

He said there is a trend of women openly telling healthcare givers to àllow them to go through CS even when it is not necessary.

“What has changed now with women that they do not want to give birth naturally?” he asked.

Currently, when you have registered under the Linda Mama care, the cost of a C-section in private hospitals is between Sh100 and Sh200, while normal delivery is free.

Most women interviewed said they prefer C-section because it is less painful.

Ann Wamboi, who lives in town, said normal delivery is a painful process and in case of any complication, one can lose her life.

Are you a woman?Please stick to your role!

Let women decide what they want to do with their bodies,

Depends on situation

As long as his not carrying any child in his womb,he should not have a say period.he should understand the reason behind emergency Cs procedures and the importance of maternal health before speaking in a public setting.. it is very important..choose Ur leaders carefully 🙄

ata tukijifungua na mdomo yakuhusu ni? stop taking panadol for us and be thinned by yours

There are many reasons why women choose to deliver through CS: Some Insurances will only cover maternity costs if it’s under ‘medical’ reasons; Some women prefer to deliver by CS to ‘preserve’ their birth canal (to retain or attract men!); CS is safer for both mother and child!

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