Natalie Tewa in yellow

Natalie Tewa finally speaks after rumours linking her to Governor Joho

Natalie Tewa has been at the center of controversy this past week. Why? It all started with what looked like a fairly innocuous photo.

The photo was off Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho with Suna East MP Junet Mohamed on a private jet while on a visit to Dubai.

Ali Hassan Joho with Junet Mohamed
Ali Hassan Joho with Junet Mohamed

While that would pique most Kenyans interest as such an endeavour is quite expensive (we are talking in the millions), a brown ladies bag in the photo got tongues wagging.

Most Kenyans wondered who could be the owner of the huuuge brown bag? The speculation started at the door of Betty Kyallo who had been spotted with such a bag in the past but she easily dismissed those claims.

Joho, Betty Kyallo reactions

But Kenyans were not to be easily thwarted and the speculations shifted to social media influencer Natalie Tewa who had also been spotted with such a bag in her past.

What added fuel to the fire was that evidence emerged that Natalie had indeed travelled to Dubai this past week, matching the time-frame that Joho was in Dubai.

Natalie Tewa posing
Natalie Tewa posing

While Betty was able to deal with rumours easily as she had video evidence of her location, Natalie hasn’t provided any contradicting evidence as of now, giving more weight to the speculation.

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But at last, the beauty has spoken to her fans and followers after all the rumours and her message was short and sweet. In classic passive-aggressive female speak, Natalie alluded to the issue with her caption reading, “Live for no one but yourself.”

Natalie Tewa in white
Natalie Tewa in white

In the last two posts on her Instagram page, Natalie has made sure to turn off the comments section and this post was no different.

Natalie has done well for herself since her controversial break-up with model RNaze, rising from it like phoenix. She has also been linked to her photographer Muchai, something she categorically denied.

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