Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala

Ministry of Tourism made the right choice in choosing Naomi Campbell and not Lupita

Naomi Campbell has been the subject of controversy since the announcement yesterday that she would become the international brand ambassador for Kenyan tourism.

The supermodel who at one time was arguably the most well-known model black (or any other race on the planet) has caused a lot of hullabaloo as some Kenyans believe that she was the wrong choice for the gig.

Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala 3

Even the venerable nominated MP, Millicent Omanga chimed in on Twitter calling Naomi a tired model in her rant and advocating for our very own Lupita Nyong’o. Her caption is below;

Ministry of Tourism taps Naomi Campbell, a tired model who has lost her mojo to be the Magical Kenya international Brand Ambassador and is to market Kenya as a tourism and travel destination. Why not @Lupita_Nyongo or one of our daughters of international repute? Lol.

Her sentiment was backed by a few Kenyans in the comment section who felt that Lupita might have been the superior choice for the role.

But on this one, I think that the Kenyan government got it right. Yes, even a broken clock is normally right twice a day! Why? My reasons are below:

Firstly, As a British citizen, Naomi loves our country as compiled in the numerous visits she has made to the country. Unlike other celebs, she has made a habit of not hiding her stays in the country like most other international celebs.

Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala
Naomi Campbell with Najib Balala

That type of comfort shows someone who sees the country as a second home. So her advertising the country will come very easily to her. A great brand ambassador should be someone who loves the product they are pushing.

Secondly, I believe the co-sign of Naomi by becoming a brand ambassador of a 3rd-world tourist destination will most likely convince those who would have seen partisanship in the choice of Lupita and not bought into her marketing.

Thirdly, Lupita strikes me as someone who isn’t overly interested in marketing her country. I might be wrong but I think that she wants to come home only to privately visit family and not have to work. To prove this, just ask yourself how many times she has been seen in the country since her Oscar win in 2014?

Lupita Nyong'o smiling
Lupita Nyong’o smiling

And that isn’t a diss on her, let people do what they feel comfortable doing, something I believe Naomi will do excellently in promoting Kenya to international tourists.

But I could be wrong…

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