Bill Nas with Nandy

Nandy shockingly admits that she got pregnant with ex-lover

Tanzanian singer Nandy is one woman who has so many surprises hidden underneath that petite and very innocent looking exterior.

The singer has recently shocked many with the news that she once had a miscarriage! What! The songstress with the sensational vocal cords admitted that she was once pregnant and had a miscarriage soon afterwards.

Nandy in white
Nandy in white

And who impregnated the ‘Kiza Kinene’ singer? Her ex-lover Bill Nass. The songstress said that this happened while they still dating.

The singer revealed this interesting detail in a candid interview with Times FM. She explained that after she conceived, she suffered a miscarriage days later.

Nandy posing
Nandy posing

She also shocked audiences when she implied that Bill might have some part to play in her having the miscarriage. She said;

Well, I will not dwell on that but yes I was pregnant for him but I suffered a miscarriage. He brought me some medicines which I took and they led to my miscarriage. I was excited about the pregnancy and of course I was hurt when I had a miscarriage

But Nandy said that she had no ill-will towards Bill and that she had forgiven him. This revelation comes hot on the heels of news that she might have gotten back with her ex-lover Bill.

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Earlier this year, Ruge Mutahaba one of the media greats in Tanzanian radio died. After his death, many were shocked when it emerged that Nandy and the media pioneer had been dating secretly for some time.

Ruge and Nandy
Ruge and Nandy

She even penned a heart-warming message for the departed Ruge and many might have wondered whether she had lost her one tur and great love? But it seems that she might just be moving on.

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