‘Nandy is my older sister’ – Willy Paul on dating speculation

Willy Paul the ‘Hallelujah’ hit maker has finally spoken on the alleged dating rumors concerning him and the Tanzanian singer.

The controversial gospel singer responded to the allegations saying that he and Nandi are just friends and that he considers her a big sister.


In an interview with the pulse, Willie Pozze said,

Well, Nandy is my friend and so I see nothing wrong with us hanging out together,” Willy Pozze told Pulse.


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Nandi also said that,

It is true Willy and I have been having a conversation and it is not for the world to know what it is all about for now,” Nandy said. Since, she has apologised to her fans for the leaked video.


In an interview with presenter Ali, WIllie pozze said,

Nandy is my older sister, whom I respect so much,” Willy Paul said in an interview with presenter Ali.


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willie pozze

He also said that Nandi came to his rescue after a group of people refused him to enter Tanzania.

The two have now worked on two singles, the latest being ‘Hallelujah which has currently more than 1million views . The song had controversies as Nandi was seen dancing very suggestively holding Willy Paul’s hair .


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