Willy Paul with Nandy on stage

What about Nandy? Fans concerned about Willy Paul flirting with Alaine

Willy Paul has been on a career-high this past couple of years. He is probably the best performing male solo artiste that we have at the moment.

Willy Paul in the mirror
Willy Paul in the mirror

The ‘Haleluiya’ star was recently with Jamaican female musician Alaine. She had been in the country to perform at the’ Tomorrow´s Leaders’ festival.

Alaine while she was in Kenya
Alaine while she was in Kenya

Willy posted a video with Alaine and one could see the joy and happiness that they had in each others presence. They giggled and smiled as they flirted on camera.

Willy-Paul-Alaine in 2017

In the video, Willy is seen gossiping to his followers in Kiswahili about Alaine, a language that she cannot understand and she tried to interject, curious about what the singer was saying. The hilarious exchange is below with Alaine’s responses in Italics;

This is your boy Willy Paul, Willy Pozze.

This is Alaine, Alaine, not Pozze.

Kuna watu hukuwa na kiherehere.

What you saying? Stop speaking Kiswahili.

I just said that you are a very lovely lady.

Oh, thank you. Is that true?

Na hata angejua namdanganya…wah!

Is that what he said? He didn´t say that!

Ai, sasa we unatakaje?

Alaine had had enough and decided that two could play the game and started speaking in pidgin, something that left Willy floating. He then reiterated that he ‘runs the game’ but Alaine didn’t comprehend what he was saying asking him to clarify?

Alaine in white
Alaine in white

Willy, the cheeky singer decided to say the words, ‘Nakupenda’ with Alaine saying immediately after, ‘Pia Pia ah huh.’ The two burst out laughing as they remember that they have just sung the chorus of Alaine’s famous collabo with Wyre.

Some of his followers were quick to comment about the video, some asking him about Nandy.

Willy Paul with Nandy
Willy Paul with Nandy

The two have been rumoured to be dating, something they have both denied. Some of the speculative comments from Kenyans are below;

doted_king; Na bado utaambia nandy ure just friends😂😂
esthertibim; But Alaine looks older to you. Nandy is perfekt Match for you 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
shantel_sabrina; Mtu ashikilie nandy asicomment apa aki😂😥😥🙌

What is it about Willy that makes his female collaborators go crazy about him?

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What spell has he cast on Nandy and Alaine that makes them go all gaga when they are with him? Or is just a wonderful PR specialist?

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