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Nana Owiti’s friends cancelled vacation after news of King Kaka’s sickness


King Kaka’s wife ANna Owiti has won the adoration of many fans for sticking by her man King Kaka as he battles an undisclosed illness.

The singer-rapper on his social media told that he had been sick for three months asking for prayers.

King is doing better and wrote “Getting Back Pole Pole. God is doing wonders” a week after being released from hospital.

Nana later opened up about the struggle assuring King that she will stick with him , through thick and thin.

And now, Nana is also revealing how supportive her friends were when they learned of his ill health.

Nana and her girls were to take a coast vacation to celebrate Joyce Maina’s birthday.

However the trip coincided with news of King kaka’s sickness.

Her girl pals cancelled the trip and took a rain check until later.

The girl took off yesterday Friday September 25 courtesy Kilan Tour and Travel.

Nana revealed “From chatspot to the airport with love. Joyce Maina birthday came  so our gang gang had planned a quick trip to the coast but then King became sick I had to cancel because through sickness and health right?Halafu..because we all comrades they all cancelled the trip until I could come with them so we called Kilan travel days ago and they planned everything in record time 40mins!!! So Mombasa wassup?”


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