Nana Owiti with King Kaka

Nana Owiti’s courageous message for ailing husband King Kaka 


King Kaka has lost 13 kilos and pictures have shocked fans.

The singer has been unwell for some time and his wife NAna has put on a brave front.

She hinted to her struggle in an emotional post on Instagram in a video of his sickness.

He is beign transported to hospital.

He has since said he exhibited symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 but test results turned negative.

Nana consoled him in a message

“Today being a Sunday.. I have a testimony. I’ve seen God’s presence in a peculiar way. It got me thinking… Really when we pray and ask God to visit us,do we really REALLY want to see Him? He’s a God of Thunder,He’s a God of Storm and Yet He still remains oh so Gentle..Sometimes he will bring a storm so that He can show His face. Are you ready to Embrace the Storm ⛈? Are you REALLY sure you want to Celebrate your storm? Today.. I’m thankful for our Storm because we saw God’s presence in MAGNIFICENT ways.
This is a conversation King @thekingkaka and I will hold someday. For now, if you are in a storm Embrace it, Celebrate it and make it your friend so that your body goes into a survival mode. Don’t shock it with fear and uncertainty. You Got this. Happy Sunday and a Bright God guided week”


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