Nduta are players, Wambui secretive here is what your name means

It is not uncommon to hear the name Wambui ,Njeri,Wanjiku ,Nyambura among others when it comes to women from Central.Have you ever thought of their meaning?

Well we have a list of what some of the names might mean in terms of character portrayed ,you guessed right I already looked up my two Wambui and Njoki and I agree with the list 100%.

Check out the list and see what your name means.

‘I didn’t over dose on viagra,hii mazoeano imezidi’ Willy paul shouts

Muthoni- They are polite and quiet but get pregnant a lot.
Wanjiku- most are beautiful.
Wangare- They talk a lot!
Wangui- They act like they know it all.
Nyambura- A little bit shady.
Wairimu- Very intelligent.
Nduta- They are players.
Shiro- They are drama queens.
Njeri- Cheeky and funny.
Wangeshi- They are caring.
Njoki- They are very holy and close to God.
Washuka- They love s#x a lot.
Wambui- Very choosy and secretive.
Nyawira- They love being pampered and coaxed.
Mukami- No nonsense and don’t entertain bullshit!
Nyaguthii- They rarely stick at one place,Always on the go!
Waitherero- Very clean.
Waithera- They have a big heart and very

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