Nameless with his daughter, Tumiso

Is Nameless’s advice to young girls to keep off men with 6-packs sound? (opinion)

Legendary singer David Mathenge alias Nameless is one man whose experience in the Kenyan music industry cannot be frowned upon.

Over 20 years in the game, the singer has done well for himself both professionally and in his personal life. In the home front, he has been blessed with a lovely wife in Wahu and two wonderful daughters.

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His 14-year-old daughter Tumiso has been getting a lot of publicity for the good looks she has inherited from both her parents.

And in raising daughters he has the tough work of trying to keep them on the straight and narrow, especially as concerns boys.

And maybe in anticipation of the expected visits from thirsty boys in the future, the singer shared some advice for his female fans as to the men they should avoid when dating.

Nameless warned young girls about dating men with six-packs, saying that they had no money and that they should date men with a one-pack(kitambi) instead.

“One-pack ninjaz are you there? Galchild do not be fooled by young men with six-packs, they do not have money. All their savings go to the gym and on diet. Get yourself a one pack ninja,” wrote Nameless.

Is his advice sound? I think it is but with a caveat as there are no absolutes in the sexual marketplace. There are men with 6-packs and jacked bodies who have money. Look at Bien of Sauti Sol, Savara of Sauti Sol, John Allan Namu and even the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos who all have money.

The thing that Nameless should be worried about is the old adage of, “No man hits the gym to just sleep with one woman.”

There is a reason many wives cheat on their husbands with their gym trainers. Simply put, many of these men with the great bodies are heartbreakers ala’ Diamond Platnumz, they don’t have just one woman, they have a harem. They are the consummate f*ckboys.

Those are the things Nameless should be warning these young girls about.

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