Nameless with Wahu

Ni forehead unaficha! Nameless told after posting steamy photo with Wahu

Nameless and Wahu have been reminding fans this past week of the love they have for each other through numerous snaps on their Instagram pages.

The couple has been posting intimate photos of their Valentine’s week vacation impressing fans with the love and sensual passion that they still have for each other.

Wahu and Nameless during their vacation
Wahu and the lanky singer during their vacation

But yesterday, the couple took the snaps a notch higher when Nameless posted an images of he and Wahu in a bathtub. The two sizzling photos were accompanied with the caption below;

Gai… Nimeingia jaccuzi na kofia🤦🏽‍♂️.. ebu nifanyie favour fam, pliz juu mikono zangu zimejaa povu, can you pliz help me remove my hat by swiping left 🙏🏿😊…. Thanks .🙏🏿…. Aaaanyway😜…. It’s been an amazing 2 day Valcation … Manze thanks  for helping me prove the “myth” wrong 😜 Viva👊🏾💪🏾#checkIGstoriesforProof😜😎….ata naona nikipakiwa suitcase kuenda men’s conference kesho… Nimeongeza Bonga point na hii trip👌🏾. Ama namna gani my frens.

Wahu and Nameless in the bathtub

The fans went bonkers about the sultry photo but others were more concerned with Nameless’ refusal to remove his hat, with some speculating that he was afraid to show off his forehead, something men and women from the mountainside normally have in abundance.

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Don’t forget that Nameless has never been seen in public without a hat. Wonder why?

Bahati posing with Nameless
Bahati posing with Nameless with his hat in tow

Read some of those comments below;

Kofia na shades hadi kwa bathtub….manze tunakupenda lakini unachoma😂😂😂😂

vin_kibet Boss ni forehead unaficha hivi? 😂

vanessah_254 Acha tuone forehead tu😂😂

cirukw But when will we see your hair from the front?Wahu, kwani Nameless anakipara

amos_480k At least for 20yrs we haven’t Seen what you hide in the Kofia🤣😂👏💦🔥🇰🇪

marluxjunior Kofia kwa submarine… Yawa pthooo

keitafabio Ata ndani ya jacccuzi digaga n kofia haitoki

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