Lovy Longomba with Nameless and Wahu

Lovy Longomba finally meets with old friends Nameless and Wahu after 16 long years!

Lovy Longomba lost his brother Christian mid this month, something that has spurned him on to come and visit a country they both called home for a long time.

Lovy and his late brother were the famous members of the group, the Longombas that dominated the Kenyans charts with their catchy rimes and tunes.

The two took a hiatus and left the country more than a decade ago, with many wondering what had happened to them? But after Christian’s death, interest in the group was re-ignited and Lovy decided to visit Kenya, something he said that he and his brother had purposed to do later this year.

Fans and Celebrities mourn the death of Christian Longomba

Upon arriving in the country, the Prophet took to social media and revealed that it felt so good to be back home. ”It’s good to be home,’ he wrote.

In his memory, Lovy has kept the promise and has been traversing the country meeting old chums and pals. Some of the bigwigs that the musician turned pastor met included the likes of music giants Nameless and Wahu on Monday, whom he visited at their humble abode.

Nameless shared their sweet reunion on Instagram, with his caption reading, “Meanwhile was good to see @prophetlovy of longombaz today after Sooooo many years!! Was so good to remember the good old days of Ogopa tours and stage performance competition amongst the artists…hawa longombaz walikuwa wanasumbua kwa stage 😅😅😅.”

Not only that, the camera-friendly Lovy also met with singer Colonel Mustafa, showing that despite the time and the distance apart the two still had much love for each other.

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