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It has been a blessing in disguise – Nameless about 2020 (exclusive)

Nameless like most artistes in Kenya has seen some tough times this Covid affected year of 2020. I spoke to the “Nasinzia” singer and he told me about the evolution he had had to go through this year.

He told me that like most Kenyans his income had been affected by the virus.

It has been rough because one of my main income streams was cut off without any plan. Obviously, I earn a lot from doing live shows and performances and that was one of my main revenue streams. It came without warning and that definitely affected me.

And that had forced him to get out of his safe space.

But also it has forced me to get out of my comfort zone. There are many other things that I am exploring among my interests that I can’t talk about now. It has definitely made me see things differently also and get out of my comfort zone.

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And what was out of his comfort zone?

There are things I wanted to do that I had been pushing but now I am forced to do them. That some things have been halted I have had to get into them. That has been a blessing in disguise. Also staying at home with my wife and kids has made us connect on higher levels. Like many people, I am looking at things very differently. 

And what has he been doing to improve himself?

“It has been a rough year. There has been a lot of learning and unlearning this year. I look at myself as a creative. I am looking at relationships differently. I have been moving from passion to purpose like thinking about what more to do? I have been doing a lot of introspection. Don’t forget that I am bang in the middle of life. It’s half-time for me. Not just be driven by my passion for music but what can I do that is more lasting and impactful. In short, my legacy.”

He finished off by saying, “I am finding out the reason I was placed on this world. In 2021, I will be sharing more, a different side of me.”

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