Nameless with his daughters

Nameless reveals how he would like his 2 daughters to remember him (exclusive)

Nameless is one of the most respected musicians in Kenya. The man has come from far, a veteran of the industry for more than 20 years emerging with the hit song, Megarider that launched him on the successful journey that he has not looked back from.

And through the years, his career isn’t the only thing that he has succeeded in but also in his personal life. The man is married to fellow artiste Wahu and the two have been blessed with two wonderful daughters.

I spoke to the singer this week and one of the topics I asked him about was his relationship with his daughters-particularly how he would like his daughters to remember him after all is said and done.

He said,

“I really want to be able to feel like I gave them good lessons to be able to live their lives in the best way possible and to enjoy themselves. I want to give them the right basis and foundation and I have taken that very seriously.”


“That’s why I want to understand life better so that I give them an opportunity to be themselves. I don’t want to influence them in the wrong way with my own issues.”

He also wanted his daughters to remember that he encouraged them to become confident decision-makers, telling me;

I want them to realise at some point that “Dad did this for us”. He really gave us a good independent mind to think through things critically. He let us be who we wanted to be. He gave us confidence and a good general roadmap for a purposeful life. I really want to be like that. Like a life coach but as a father.

He finished off by saying;

“Also to have the ability to be able to think for yourself and make decisions in life that you are OK with cause there is too much pressure in society to know what’s the right thing to do.”

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