Nameless Reveals Wahu Doesn’t Have A Problem When Ladies Grind On Him On Stage

Nameless is by far one of the most energetic performers in the industry. When he hits the stage, you know its going to be fire.

Most times when he performs, he loves to call ladies on stage and they always grind on him.

Nameless and Wahu/ Instagram

Having been in a steady marriage for years, one would think that Wahu is definitely not ok with girls grinding on him, but that’s not the case.

In an interview with Mambo Mseto, Nameless explained that Wahu knows that when he’s on stage, he’s doing his job.

What has helped us as a couple is that we are both in the entertainment industry. Yeye mwenyewe akiwa kwa stage anajua ukiwa kwa stage uko kazini, mind yako iko kwa job kwa hivyo akiniona niko stage haezi kuwa na shida na venye naperform juu anajua hiyo time niko job si ati kuna vitu funny funny,” he told Mambo mseto.

Nameless/ Instagram

He also revealed that he explains to his daughter that what she sees in his music videos is pure acting because she’s older now and they need to explain it to her.

Yeye anajua hii ni acting hata mtoto wangu Tumiso lazima nimfundishe ni acting. Yeye amegrow up sasa ako 11 anaelewa hiyo ni acting. Its important watu wenye wako close to you waelewe the truth wanajua ni acting, ni performance.”

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