Nameless Reveals The Craziest Thing A Fan Asked Him To Do

What would you do to grab the attention of your favourite celebrity?

Adoring fans can sometimes take things too far, and so singer Nameless recently revealed to us. He undoubtedly has a huge fan base, having been in the industry for 20 years, and when he shows up in public, it’s to be expected that fans will want to either get the kaselfie or an autograph. I know I’m guilty of this.

Nameless is doing press rounds to promote his latest song, Inspire, a blend of Afro pop and dancehall. The song has been received very well, with Kenyans expressing delight at the love song, which he attributes to his gorgeous wife Wahu. After releasing the song, he posted the sweetest message about his bae:

‘You inspire my heart, my body, take over my mind and now you captivating my soul, the way you move your body to the beat give me heat, you make any man to loose control…Baibie you #inspire me.

The father of two recounted how years back, while performing at a club in the coastal city, a fan recognised him and approached him.

She was so excited to meet him, she asked for an autograph.

Nameless described the funny encounter, saying:

“There is a place we used to perform in Mombasa. That place was hectic hardcore, everyone was hardcore even the hottest chick, so when I was leaving one chic approached me with a request saying, ‘Yo yo yo Nameless, uhmm nipatie autograph.’ Manze and I’m like, I didn’t have a paper and I was like, ‘Uko na kalamu?’ Then she’s like shaking her head saying, ‘Sina kalamu sina kalamu’. So I asked her ‘so unataka tufanye nini’? So she says, ‘Ahh..we niambie tuu nitakumbuka..’

I was so shocked I was like, ‘Eh, ati nikuambie autograph utakumbuka?’

Super awkward, right? What celebrity do you admire and what have you done when you met them in person? Leave your comments below.

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