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Nameless Reveals His Biggest Lesson From 2017

As the year kicks off, many of us have loads of resolutions and major life plans. However, not many of us are taking into account that we need to stick to the so called resolutions till the end of the year.

By February, some shift to Valentine’s Day and other lit events in Nairobi.

For Nameless, this is not only a time of reflection but also a period to stick to the lessons that he learnt in 2017. The lessons are not just the regular ones, they are life lessons that changed his way of living.

‘Oh Why?’ – Nameless Is Not Happy With His Wife After She Did This

The “Inspire” singer took to Instagram to share his story with his fans, and it is truly touching. He put up a photo of himself and his wife Wahu in Dubai.

This is the message:

nameless ke

2017 was an interesting year… i learnt so much about myself and life. I learnt what matters and what I shouldnt stress about… i learnt that , on the real, every day you wake up alive is a gift from God… I avoid negative energy and stay postive and fearless! I learnt that alot of people love me and I love and appreciate them back!! #2018issaBlessedyear #saladpoolnimzitoJoh! #mwanaumenikubebawifebilakusita #newmusicdroppingkesho #DubaiwasFun #Godlovesme #feelsgoodtobeback


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