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Nameless responds to fan claiming he fought his wife Wahu in a shopping mall

Nameless has responded to a fan who claimed to have seen him fight with his wife in a shopping mall.

The father of two was responding to trolls who camped at his wife’s bikini photo on Facebook.

Trolls later started sharing details of an episode of their reality show where Wahu talked about how he made fun of her coz she had a ‘Kisogo’.

Well, Nameless wrote;

”Gai… Hiyo story ya Kisogo imekuwa body shaming tena …. Akiyao!! Weh… na vile naipenda…
anyway..keep watching Feeling and get ready for the feeling dance challenge starting next week.

A fan identified as Purity Naomi commented;

”We all know you used to fight kwa malls, I witnessed this but u used to makeup, wacha hizo ujinga.”

Nameless quickly admitted that his marriage is not perfect.

He wrote;

”Haiya. We even fight in the car and the house.. We just fight respectfully and makeup purposefully to keep growing and moving on regardless…”

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Wahu Kagwi and Nameless together

Another fan suggested that they should keep their life private.

”When your life was private, there was none of this, but because now you are in the limelight all the time expect more than this. I am not saying it is bad, but I liked you guys on the private side. Hii side ya public matope ni Mungu, expect more noise.”

Nameless revealed that they need to be seen more often as they are working on an album.

”We are releasing an album we must be seen. A bit more than before. It was expected and we fully understand human beings will have strong opinions. Ni life.”


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